Our county successfully held the 20th May 18 Economic and Trade Fair

△Xu Huaming, secretary of the county party committee, delivered a speech

△ Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor Zhang Lihua presided over the event

△Concentrated signing ceremony
Funing in early summer is full of flowers. On the morning of May 19, our county grandly held the 20th May 18 Economic and Trade Fair. Xu Huaming, secretary of the county party committee, delivered a speech, and Zhang Lihua, deputy secretary of the county party committee and head of the county, presided over the signing of 20 projects with a planned total investment of 6.3 billion yuan. Song Bolu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Dong, Executive President of GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhang Zhongquan, Chairman of Yellow River Industrial Investment and Development Group, Zhang Guangchun, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Solar Power Group Co., Ltd., Liu Yifu, Chairman of Anhui Road Network Transportation Construction Group Co., Ltd., Liu Feng, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Roewe International Co., Ltd., Guan Longzhe, General Manager of Beijia Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinoma Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd. Zhuang Qinxia, ??Vice President of Haochuang Group and President of East China Region Chang Cong, Chairman of Jiangsu Fushitong New Energy Co., Ltd. Wang Needy, Chairman of Jiangsu Zhongcheng Fastening Technology Development Co., Ltd. Zhou Zhijun, Director of Jiangsu Baidikai Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. Chang Ma Fang, General Manager of Zhejiang Fog Farming Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Cheng, Vice President of GCL Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. He Deyong, Vice President of China Development Holdings Co., Ltd. Shao Jianhai, General Manager of Zhejiang Chengrudan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Fan Yanming , Cai Hongjian, Senior Director of GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. and other guests attended the event.
Xu Huaming said in his speech that when he is twenty years old, his original intention has not changed. Funing 5.18 has been held for 20 sessions. The history of the continuation of 5.18 is also the history of Funing's vigorous development, becoming Funing's most precious tradition and the most beautiful business card. This 5.18 is a special event held in a special year and a special period. Although affected by the epidemic, the spirit of making friends and win-win cooperation has not changed. The original intention and determination of holding the 5.18 event have not changed. Changes, the focus on highlighting industry leadership has not changed, and the pursuit of accelerating high-quality development has not changed. 5.18 has become a golden signboard for promoting Funing, promoting Funing, and displaying Funing. Through this platform, more and more experts, scholars and businessmen friends pay attention to Funing, enter Funing, invest in Funing, and take root in Funing. rather. Similarly, through this platform, more and more entrepreneurs have achieved a splendid turnaround and realized the continuous growth of their own businesses.
Xu Huaming introduced Funing to the guests and merchants from the three dimensions of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He said that yesterday, Funing has gone through a glorious history and accumulated a lot of glory. For thousands of years, the ancestors of Funing have overcome thorns and thorns, boiled the sea to make salt, and survived the trials of floods in Huanghuai, tsunami, locust drought, and locust drought. Production has developed, people and things are abundant, and they enjoy the reputation of "Jianghuai Paradise". . The vast area has nurtured Funing people with the same broad mind as the world and the inherent characteristics of pioneering and innovative. Each case vividly illustrates the courageous and courageous minds of generations of Funing people. Funing is a well-known red land, the red gene has a long history, and the spirit of the Iron Army has been passed down from generation to generation. Funing is endowed with unique ecological resources. It is a national first-class ecological demonstration area and a national greening model county. The forest coverage rate ranks second in Yancheng. "Funing Blue" is the most prominent logo of Funing and has become the norm of Funing. The lakes, dang, rivers, and canals in the territory are dotted with each other, and the rivers and seas are connected. Funing is also a well-known city of good people and a city of great virtue. 18 people have been elected as "good people in China", and more than 60 are moral models and good people in the province and city.
Xu Huaming pointed out that today Funing is full of vigor after going through vicissitudes of life. Under the strong leadership of the previous county party committees and county governments and the continuous efforts of millions of people in the county, including the vast number of entrepreneurs, Funing has made great progress in economic and social development. Today's Funing, the comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, and the city has a new look. The scale and quality of the built-up area of ??Funing County is in the forefront of northern Jiangsu and central Jiangsu, and has won the nomination of National Sanitary County, National Garden County, and National Civilized City. Today's Funing has more distinct industrial characteristics. After years of development, Funing has formed a green industrial system of "two main and one special" for new energy, metal processing intelligent manufacturing, and environmental protection filter material. In particular, the total output value of the new energy industry, which is mainly based on photovoltaic and wind power equipment, exceeded 10 billion yuan last year, forming a group of industry singles champions. In today's Funing, the energy level of the park has been continuously improved. As the "two districts and one park", which is an important bearing place for the county's industrial projects, its functions are increasingly complete and its support is more powerful. The demonstration base of the national sustainable development pilot zone has built the first wind power equipment industrial park in the province; the industrial transformation momentum of the high-tech zone is strong, with Aoyang Technology as the leader, focusing on the development of high-end fibers, textiles, fabrics and clothing as the focus Textile industry and equipment manufacturing industry focusing on auto parts, metal products, etc., the park has convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities, which can meet the needs of enterprises to “settle in with a bag”; Dongyi Industrial Park has obvious advantages in location, transportation and resources, with deep integration of industries and cities, making it livable Suitable for business and tourism, it is the sub-center of the county.
Xu Huaming pointed out that Funing's tomorrow will take a sonorous pace and embrace the promising future. At present and in the future period, Funing has developed momentum and unlimited business opportunities, ushering in a golden period of development. The whole county is deeply emancipating the mind, breaking through the inland thinking, concentrating on green development, highlighting the industry-led, decisive victory in a well-off society in an all-round way, and actively practicing the path of opening up the coast, connecting with Shanghai, green transformation, and green crossing the "two seas and two greens" path, and vigorously promote The vision is linked to the sea, the transportation is linked to the sea, and the industry is linked to the sea, and it is striving to build a national new energy industry cluster area, a national new era civilized practice leading area, a Huaihe ecological economy pioneer area, and a model area for improving farmers' housing conditions in northern Jiangsu. Quality development is making great strides, a high level of well-off is about to be realized, and the beautiful picture of JAC Land's near-term goals in the new era will be presented in real life.
Xu Huaming emphasized that Funing faces a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity. First, the “three major strategies” are implemented together. The three national strategies of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the ecological economic belt of the Huai River and the coastal development of Jiangsu will release a greater superposition effect and bring infinite possibilities for the new round of development of Funing. More and more attention is focused on Funing, more and more elements flow to Funing, and more and more industries are deployed in Funing. Second, the traffic conditions have been greatly improved. The location pattern of Funing is undergoing a profound change. The Lianyan high-speed railway goes directly to Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and other cities. The Shanghai-Nantong high-speed railway will be opened one after another, and the Ningyan high-speed railway connection line will be connected to the Huaiyang Town high-speed railway. Funing will enjoy the "high-speed rail era" and integrate into the "economic circle" of Shanghai and southern Jiangsu for one and a half hours; starting from Funing, 1 It can reach 3 international airports in about an hour's drive; Funing Port has opened container routes of Lianyungang Port and Dafeng Port, realizing the connection between rivers and seas; the ongoing projects such as the rapid transformation of Linyi-Yancheng Expressway and G204 Yancheng-Funing Section will Greatly improve the accessibility level of Funing. Third, the advantages of factor resources are prominent, and Funing has a very broad development space and prospects, which is the best choice for investment and business development.
Xu Huaming pointed out that Funing unswervingly highlights industrial leadership, focuses on "two main and one special" and "two districts and one park", vigorously carries out the "100 million yuan project main attack year" activity, and continuously empowers the high-quality development of the industrial economy. The new energy industry focuses on the upstream and downstream supporting facilities of the industrial chain and the agglomeration of similar enterprises to further strengthen the chain, supplement the chain, and extend the chain. The metal processing intelligent manufacturing industry actively expands sub-sectors such as small and medium-sized general machine tools and special intelligent machine tools, tool molds and chip communication components, accelerates the construction of industrial real estate projects, and builds Baowu high-quality steel project linkage area and industrial supporting area. Relying on the advantages of the highest agglomeration, the most complete chain, the largest brand influence and the largest market share in the country, the environmental protection filter material industry focuses on attracting high-performance fiber materials, manufacturing equipment and non-woven application projects in the front, and creating a leader in industrial development. , industry standard setter and one-stop solution solver.
Xu Huaming pointed out that our county has vigorously implemented the "six major actions" to optimize the business environment, aligning with the first-class level, and issued "policy packages for high-quality development of the industrial economy, technological innovation, open economy, construction industry, service industry, and agricultural development." ”, optimize the “Funing Assistant” team, implement the “three orders system” of intimate service of enterprise billing, department receipt, and special person documenting, with the greatest sincerity and best efforts to ensure the best approval service procedures, the fastest speed, and fees The lowest, let "enter Funing, a worthwhile trip" and "invest in Funing, go all the way" become Funing's strongest endorsement, so that every merchant can feel the integrity of Funing, the fair and transparent rule of law, efficient and convenient service , warm welcome.
Zhang Lihua presided over the event and released the results of the 20th May 18 Economic and Trade Fair in our county. At the meeting, 20 projects were signed, with a planned total investment of 6.3 billion yuan. In terms of investment scale, there are 20 projects of more than 100 million yuan, including 16 projects of 100 million to 500 million yuan, 3 projects of 500 to 10 million yuan, and 1 project of more than 1 billion yuan. From the perspective of industry categories, there are 4 new energy industry projects, 4 metal processing intelligent manufacturing industry projects, 3 environmental protection filter material industry projects, and 9 other industry projects.
Lin Jin, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, Wang Yuxin, Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, Wu Qibiao, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, Hao Ruiyao, Zhu Ling, Luo Shirong and other county leaders attended the event.
Before the meeting, the participants also watched the Funing 5.18 promotional video together.
After the meeting, Xu Huaming also negotiated with businessmen such as Wang Zhe, Chairman of Jiangsu Fushitong New Energy Co., Ltd., Guan Longzhe, Project Director of Zhejiang Aihang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., on project investment matters.
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