20 projects "falling flowers" Funing, with a total investment of 6.3 billion yuan

Modern Express News (correspondent Qiu Junrong, reporter Tao Zhan) The most beautiful May day in the world, it is time to invest in business! On the morning of May 19th, Funing County held the 20th May 18th Economic and Trade Fair to welcome guests and friends from all over the world and participate in the grand cooperation event. During the event, 20 projects of more than 100 million yuan were signed, with a total investment of 6.3 billion yuan.
On the same day, the event was held at the Swan Lake Hotel in Funing County, where guests gathered and the atmosphere was warm. A reporter from Modern Express learned that Funing 5.18 has been held for 20 sessions. It has moved from a traditional agricultural county to a strong industrial county. Along the way, the 5.18 Economic and Trade Fair has already become a showcase for the development achievements and city image of Funing. An important window, a golden signboard for expanding opening to the outside world and attracting investment.

"Yesterday, Funing has gone through a glorious history and accumulated a lot of glory." Xu Huaming, secretary of the Funing County Party Committee, said in his speech that after the vicissitudes of life, today's Funing's comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, the city has a new look, the industrial characteristics are more distinct, and the park can At present and in the future, Funing is ready to develop, has unlimited business opportunities, and ushered in a golden period of development. "Millions of Funing people are looking forward to it with sincerity, and welcome all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with open arms. Funing will work together to seek high-quality development and embrace a better tomorrow!" The impassioned speech aroused warm applause from the audience.
The competition of regional economic development is essentially the competition of business environment. Over the years, Funing County has made great efforts to strengthen the service guarantee for development, and the business environment has been continuously optimized. This year, the county is vigorously carrying out the "100 million yuan project main year" activity, and vigorously implementing the "six major actions" to optimize the business environment: optimizing the investment environment, improving the quality and efficiency of administrative examination and approval, accurately helping enterprises, building a social credit system, Optimize law enforcement, optimize the human resources environment, implement mechanisms such as "three orders and ten questions" and special class promotion for enterprises, build "green channels", provide "personalized" services, and further build Funing County into a hot spot for investment and entrepreneurial highland .

Since its establishment in Funing in 2006, Funing Aoyang Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously increased its investment. Now, it has grown into an enterprise with annual sales exceeding 4 billion yuan. Speaking of the good investment environment in Funing County, Shen Xueru, Chairman, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aoyang Group Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Jiangsu Aoyang Technology Co., Ltd., said emotionally, "Aoyang has been established in Funing for more than ten years and has won the approval of the county party committee and county government. With the strong support of various departments, in Funing, we have experienced the concept of pro-business, business-loving, and wealthy businessmen. Our company has been well supported. Aoyang Group will take Funing as an industrial development base and let time witness the growth of the company. "
"Today, a number of major projects were successfully signed here. Since this year, our county has given full play to its advantages in location, industry and environment, seized opportunities such as the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, highlighted industrial leadership, focused on 'two districts and one park', and focused on ' "Two main and one special", a concentrated demonstration of the achievements of the "100 million yuan project main year" activity is also the result of the joint efforts, sincere cooperation and hand in hand of all parties." Zhang Lihua, the county magistrate of Funing County, said that we will cherish all of you Entrepreneurs' trust and support, in-depth implementation of the "six major actions" to optimize the business environment, and strive to provide the most favorable policies, the best services, and the best environment for enterprises investing in Fu.

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